The TIMB Board advises all stakeholders that the 2014 auction flue-cured (Virginia) tobacco marketing season will close on Friday 27th June 2014 with final deliveries being accepted on Thursday 26th June 2014.

All growers who sell on auction floors are therefore advised to complete their grading and baling operations by Wednesday 25th June 2014 at the very latest.

The flue-cured auction tobacco clean up sale for the 2013 marketing season will be held on Tuesday, 15th July 2014. Depending on the volume of deliveries the clean-up sale may be continued for more than one day, until all delivered tobacco has been sold.

Because of the volumes that are still being received, contract sales will continue until further notice. Nonetheless contracted growers are advised to finalize the grading and marketing of their tobacco.

For the rest of the 2014 auction tobacco marketing season, the following procedures will apply to bookings and sales of declared defective bales:-

  • Mixed Bales

With effect from Wednesday 25th June 2014, declared mixed bales may be sold. All such bales shall be declared for the defect prior to sales.

  • Mouldy Bales

With effect from Wednesday 25th June 2014, mouldy bales may be sold. All defective bales will be declared for the defect prior to sales.

  • Bookings

The existing booking-in system will continue unaltered and shall include sales of mouldy bales.  Late deliveries will need to be booked into the system before sale to ensure that they are subjected to the Stop Order System.

All defective bales will be declared for the defect prior to sales.

No appeals may be made on declared defective bales except for Foreign Matter.

Any bale containing Foreign Matter may not be sold declared for the defect. Such bales must be returned to the grower for re-handling or destroyed.

Any bale rejected by Arbitrators as defective (excluding bales rejected for Foreign Matter) and held at Auction or Contract Sales Floors can be re-offered in the last two days of sales (Thursday 26th and Friday 27th June 2014), declared for this defect.

  • Buyer’ Re-sales

Buyer’s re-sales may be booked in as normal up to the close of the selling season.




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