As a growers association we constantly advocate the following to be addressed amongst all involved in the tobacco industry:
Crop management:

  • GAP – Good Agricultural Practice - Ensure adherence to the Tobacco handbook in all aspects of tobacco growing and management.
  • Seed and Variety integrity – It is imperative that our seedhouses continue to operate and necessary funding sourced where required. Variety research continues to be encouraged.
  • IPM – Integrated Pest Management. Reduce the use of manufactured pesticides through alternate methods of pest control. Employing biological control.
  • Reduction in NTRM – Non-tobacco related material. This destroys the integrity of the crop.

Managing the environment:

  • Appropriate use of CPA's – Crop Protection Agents
  • Monitor impact of agricultural practices on flora and fauna affected by operations.
  • Ensure safe management and use of pesticides.
  • Crop rotations, green manure crops and land contouring. Soil fertility basically maintained or enhanced.
  • Water pollution prevented – minimize stream bank cultivation, run off of excess chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Reduce carbon and climate change measures on farm.
  • Afforestation programmes encouraged and preserve native forests
  • Encourage Biodiversity
  • Development of sustainable sources of leaf curing
  • Development of efficient curing systems

Labour management:

  • Training programmes for employees and farmers alike.
  • Empowerment of farmers and rural communities
  • Reduction of child labour.
  • Employee health and safety
  • Fair remuneration for workers
  • Support Agricultural Labour Practises (ALP)




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